How do you I contact you?

You can find our contact details on our contact page. The easiest way to get in touch is through our our online contact forms. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

If you need to speak with our team immediately, please call 01225 898388 and our staff will be happy to assist you during office hours. 

I have a suggestion, what should I do?

Have an idea on how we could improve, or something you'd like us to sell? Please send your suggestions to suggestions@thepromotionwarehouse.com . The management team at Promote Your Pub always welcome improvement suggestions. We aim to add as much value for our customers as possible.

What are Promote Your Pub's legal details?

Promote Your Pub is an online trading name for The Promotion Warehouse. Click here for our legal details. We are also based in the UK.

What is your address and location?

Our registered address is 72 Whittucks Road, Hanham, Bristol, BS15 3PT. Our partnered Production Hub is based in Wiltshire.

What are your opening times?

Our website is always open, 24 hours every day, so no matter what time you’d like to place an order, we're able to process your request.

Our offices are open: Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.30pm. You can collect your order during these hours from our Wiltshire Production Hub by arrangement.

Which holidays are you closed for?

We're closed on UK public and bank holidays and as such, these days do not count as 'working days'.

Products & Services

How are you different?

We understand that not everyone requires large quantities of printed retail stock. We recognise that, for organisations such as yours, investment in printed items like this can be a big risk. That’s why we’ve geared Promote Your Pub to the smaller organisation with big ambitions but limited budgets.

How do I choose what I want?

Our website has been designed so it's easy for you to navigate our range. Whether you're looking for outdoor banners, posters, tent cards, table talkers, flyers, leaflets or any other item, we'll show you the most popular option straight away. You can then use our online designer and customise the product to your spec, just for you. Just play with the buttons on the product pages to try out different styles and finishes.

I searched your website, but can't find what I'm looking for - can you still print it for me?

We've tried to assemble a range of items which cover most of your promotional bases. However, if you still can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch is through our our online contact form and we'll see what we can suggest. The range of services we can offer is really quite staggering so I’m sure we can help.

How is my product printed?

A common assumption is that "all printing's the same right"? Banners from Promote Your Pub are the same as banners from that cheap online site you found the other day. Flyers and posters from that little shop on the high street are as good as ours, right? Wrong! They may sound the same, they may be the same size, but its like comparing chalk and cheese!. We aim to give you a ‘first class' product at around 'economy class' prices. Not only that but our excellent designers have already created the artwork for you - ready for you to edit and personalise to suit your event so you're saving on high artwork costs. Plus all our products have been developed and designed with you in mind. We really have tried to make the whole process as efficient and exciting as possible. Gosh we sound good don’t we?

Is this digital printing?

Yes. The majority of our printing is produced using a combination of of small-format and large-format digital presses enables us to deliver even more efficiently the smaller quantities of printed items that you require. From posters to menus, and large promotional banners to loyalty cards, we always guarantee exceptional quality.

Where is my product printed?

All our printing is done in the UK in our partnered Production Hub in Wiltshire.

There's a design I like but I need it modifying or adapting to a different product.

Get in touch and let us know what you're looking for. Unlike a few other sites, we are not providing generic templates from a cloud. We’ve spent a lot of time and thought into designing our products. We try to put ourselves in your shoes and think what would a retailer like you want to see on our site. So we welcome customers letting us know what products and designs they’d like to see. Getting in touch with us is all about our philosophy of Continuous Improvement. It also lets us know exactly what designs customers are looking to buy. Depending on the nature of your request this may be something we can easily change for you or it may be something that we will have to charge as an extra service. 

I want something individual and bespoke designing.

We welcome your interest. The easiest way to get in touch is through our our online contact forms. Contact us and let us know the theme and we'll see if it’s something we can help with.

When I re-order, will the paper be exactly the same?

In most instances yes, but we aim to buy the best quality and value paper and card that's available in the market. In doing so, we occasionally  buy different paper and card from different mills across Europe. We believe this offers you great value printing and that this approach allows you to stretch your promotional budget further.

Returns, Refunds & Customer Services

Oh no…it seems there's something wrong with my order, what do I do?

In the unlikely event that you find something wrong, please contact us and explain the issue. We'll do our best to resolve it to your satisfaction.

Can I cancel my order?

Once you've checked out, your order will begin our automated production process. As we're manufacturing something just for you, it's not possible to cancel your order once your order has started to be printed.

I've noticed a mistake can I change my order?

Please check your design carefully before you finish. We offer fantastic prices by automating our entire process. So the first set of human eyes proof-reading your design will be your own when you open the box. We don't want you to be sad. So please check all telephone numbers, dates, times, addresses, prices and spelling before you order. If you spot an error after you've ordered, then we're sorry that we won't be able to rectify it.

Dispatch & Delivery

What delivery options are available?

At PromoteYourPub we recognise the need to despatch on time and have your order professionally packed and presented to you. We are dedicated to ensuring that every job we do is completed on time. 

We offer two ways to receive your order, standard and priority. Standard is usually 4-6 working days turnaround, and Priority is usually 48 working hours turnaround. Orders are despatched on a next day courier service. We will send you an email confirming all details once your order has been placed.

Can I change the delivery address after I've placed the order?

If you need to change your delivery address and your order is still 'in progress’ then the answer is yes. After your order is complete, it's too late to change. If you have an 'order in progress' which you'd like to change, please 'Contact Us' and tell us the address you'd like to send it to. We charge £9.50+VAT for this service, plus any delivery charge differences.

Can I deliver to a different delivery address?

You sure can. When you checkout, you can choose to deliver to your invoice address, any alternative from your Address Book, or you can enter a new delivery address. The choice is yours!

Where do you deliver?

Currently, we can only deliver to a mainland UK address. 

Do you deliver to Jersey, Guernsey or the Channel Islands?

Unfortunately we do not deliver to these or other Channel islands due to our contracts with our shipping couriers. We can only deliver to a mainland UK address. 

How is my order shipped?

Your order will be delivered by our preferred partners UKMail. We have a long standing working relationship with this carrier.

Can I pay extra to get my order faster?

Yes. When you select our faster 48hour Priority options service then you’re, in effect, upgrading two services. The first simply quickens the production time and allows our printing team to prioritise your order. The second service upgrades the courier speed. Our responsibility is to produce your order on time and send it with the correct delivery speed. Unfortunately, we cannot be held accountable for any delays of your order once it leaves our production hub as this is completely out of our control. 

We always recommend to place your order with plenty of time to spare just in case. 

Can you send me samples in the post?

Currently we unfortunately don't offer a sample pack, or samples of individual products. We hope to have this option available on our website soon. 

I’ve missed delivery of my parcel. What should I do?

The driver will have left a notification card with a parcel reference number on it. You can find out where your parcel is using this number.

Promote Your Pub is a trading name for The Promotion Warehouse. Prices shown are for printing and online design, excluding VAT and delivery if applicable